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Wage Garnishment and Harassment

If you go into collections you will be passed to a collections agency, which will attempt to secure payment from you however they can – but their powers are not infinite and there are limits to who and when they’re allowed to contact you.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) limits collection agencies ability to harass you, limiting the times you can be called during the day and guaranteeing equitable treatment by stopping collection agencies making threats of arrest and legal action.

A lesser known part of the FDCPA concerns calls to your friends, family and workplace. This limits the collection agency from calling you during work hours if you so request, and limits their contact and conduct with others in their attempts to reach you. Your loan holder, usually the U.S Dept. of Education for student debt, can order your employer to withhold up to 15% of your disposable pay as a last resort before you are taken to court.

Clearly, the game is avoiding getting to that point in collections. If you’re having trouble making monthly payments and need specific advice for your situation, consider calling our toll-free hotline. Our expert team of debt advisors can assist you in crafting a repayment strategy that avoids ever going into default. If you’re already defaulted or going into collections and need assistance with what would be your ideal steps, our team can advise you on the latest requirements for recovery programs and how to avoid paying more than you need to.

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