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Something About Us

We are driven by the belief that a successful case is built on a passonate driving force temptered with expert attention to detail .

We specialize in providing advice on financial relief, and have devoted ourselves wholly to it. We will guard you and your rights at any cost.

This is what sets us apart…

The concept of Academia Help Center began when a group of college students grew tired of the mistreatment they had constantly experienced from their federally appointed loan servicers.

They had been outraged by the lack of communication, helpful advice and outright hostility they constantly faced. Worse still, rising interest rates had been a constant burden. They could not believe that those appointed to help them could be so cold and without compassion towards an honest working student or graduate.

We find that fraudulent, predatory practices occur far too often at the expense of hardworking Americans simply trying to better their future, safeguard their family, and serve their country. The founders of Academia Help Center combine their efforts and harness their passion to form an organization dedicated to putting the interests of the borrower above all else. We pride ourselves on being able to offer meaningful advice to any struggling borrower.

What we offer


Contact Us, tell us what your problem is and we get you on the path to sorting it out. It really is as simple as that. We have experience assisting those planning to going into college, or who already hold student debt, or a homeowner looking looking to revalue their home in the wake of the recession. There are programs that can help you, its just a matter of knowing where to look and how to get what you want. That’s where we come in. Our experts are versed in all forms of debt relief, advice and consolidation. We can guide you through the process smoothly and quickly.

Our Mission

Academia Help Center: To provide meaningful advice and, if at all possible, free you from the bondage of debt.

Academia Help Center is more than just a provider of world-class advice and expertise. We view it as our mission to guide hopeful borrowers through the often twisted paths to debt reduction, payment adjustment, or even debt forgiveness.

Founded with the goal of serving the best interests of its clients, Academia Help Center makes it it's focus to guide those in need of direction to their best future.

Academia Help Center boasts a team of knowledgeable, expert agents combined with state-of-the-art user engagement systems, combined to provide engaging and helpful solutions to debt related questions.

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